Via Nuova 4 | Via A. Moro 3
Caldana (Gavorrano GR)


Located in the medieval frame of Caldana village, near Gavorrano (GR), Boccaccio was born in 2004 as a wine shop and brewery. Over the years it has evolved in the field of catering, offering typical recipes of the Tuscan tradition, handed down in our family for generations.
The building retains the original perimeter walls from the 1600s, a peculiarity that gives the place an atmosphere with an ancient and secular flavour.
Outside tables overlook the nearby church of San Biagio considered, by many historians, the first example of Renaissance church in Grosseto’s Maremma.

The dining room of the typical Maremma cuisine restaurant Enoristorante Boccaccio


If you are looking for the colours, smells and flavours of the Tuscan tradition (and Maremma, in particular) Boccaccio's cuisine knows how to satisfy you.
Our menu varies according to the season: each period of the year has its characteristic products, each dish its history. What does not change is the raw material: genuine and local food.
Homemade pasta and desserts, Tuscan appetizers, land and sea dishes; vegetarian and gluten-free options are available to satisfy all palates. Also take away service.

The inevitable ingredients? Sympathy, care and passion!


Sandro Signori serving some organic Tuscan wine
"Life is too short to drink bad wine"

Unlike conventional restaurants, Boccaccio has particularly at heart the idea that good food should be paired with good wine. This is why the title of Enoristorante.
Our cellar offers a wide choice of best local and non-local labels, also available in the glass accompanied by the local aperitif.


The name Boccaccio is inextricably linked to his most famous work: the Decameron. What better term to identify the 4 double bedrooms, with TV, available near the restaurant? Each room has a name: Fiammetta, Filomena, Lauretta and Elissa. Just like some of the girls who narrate Boccaccio's novellas.
Tradition and innovation.

Bedrooms in Caldana, Gavorrano


Via Nuova 4 | Via A. Moro 3, Caldana (GR) 58023, Italy.

Tel.: +39 3389125902


Ceremonies up to
40 people.

Reservation is



Sunday 12:30-14:30 19:30-22:00
Monday 19:30-22:00
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 19:30-22:00
Thursday 19:30-22:00
Friday 19:30-22:00
Saturday 12:30-14:30 19:30-22:00